Dr. Neeru Sharma

Dr. Neeru Sharma

Dr. Neeru Sharma

About Dr. Neeru Sharma

Dr. Neeru Sharma - Expert Nutritionist and Wellness Enthusias

Dr. Neeru Sharma is a distinguished nutritionist and wellness advocate with a strong commitment to promoting healthy eating habits and cultivating balanced lifestyles. Proficient in both Hindi and English, Dr. Sharma is dedicated to bridging the gap between nutritional science and practical application for individuals seeking optimal health.

Career Objective:

Dr. Neeru Sharma's career objective revolves around inspiring and motivating individuals to embrace healthy eating habits and integrate wellness into their daily lives. Her passion lies in guiding people towards achieving their health goals through a holistic approach to nutrition.


Post Graduate Certificate in Food and Nutrition

Certificate in Adolescents Nutrition

Certificate in Clinical Nutrition

Work Experience :

- Worked with the Indian Air Force personnel and   families. – Conducting nutrition lectures for AirForce LDRC ( Life style research Centre) and air force volleyball team. Also conducting regular lectures and awareness drives for air force families and their children.

- Nutritionist at Samar Hospital Dwarka

- Nutritionist at Indus Valley Hospital Najafgarh

- Consultant Nutritionist at Aspire Specialty Clinic

- Chief Nutritionist at Manthan Group of Hospitals

Dr. Neeru Sharma's journey in the realm of nutrition began with a strong educational foundation. She possesses a Post Graduate Certificate in Food and Nutrition, augmented by specialized certifications in Adolescents Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition. These credentials highlight her commitment to continuous learning and staying at the forefront of nutritional science.

While working   with the Indian Air Force from 2016 to 2019, Dr. Sharma's expertise played a pivotal role in the health and performance of the Air warriors. Her experience with such a disciplined and demanding environment cultivated her skills in tailoring nutrition plans to meet specific athletic needs.

Dr. Neeru Sharma's dedication to healthcare led her to Samar Hospital and Indus Valley Hospital, where she worked as a Nutritionist. Her patient-centric approach and ability to develop personalized nutrition plans demonstrated her commitment to improving individual well-being.

Currently, Dr. Sharma serves as a Consultant Nutritionist at Aspire Specialty Clinic, where she guides clients on their wellness journey, addressing diverse health goals through targeted nutrition strategies.

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